Business Innovation

Business innovation

Hi guys, happy December this blog post is about business innovation! I will be talking about some tips for when thinking to start a business. As well as what lead to the start of my business!

Unfortunately the start of this pandemic caused a setback in my life. However, it also lead to bringing some of my business ideas and goals to life.

Three major business ideas I have chosen to bring to life are food, beauty, and crafting all things I love dearly.

It all started in moments of confusion as to what to do next in my life. It was in those moments where I had the option to either rise up or fall down with what I had been given.

I chose to make the best of what I had.

Now that I have made the choice to pursue all things business it is safe to say I am definitely in the beginning stages. In no way shape or form do I consider myself to be an expert as I am completely still learning everyday how to push my business forward. I would like to only share what has helped me get to where I am now.

So with that being said I would love to share some brainstorming business tips when figuring out what exactly it is you’d like to do in business!


#1 Vision Board, Vision Board, Vision Board! Purchase a poster board at the dollar store some markers and even some tape. If you have a printer even better because you’ll be able to print out words pictures and much more. If you do not have a printer that’s okay too! I cannot stress enough how important it is to jot down all of your goals and ideas on a vision board!

#2 Tape or hang up positive words and ideas on your fridge walls or vanity mirror! So that you may be reminded everyday of the places and level you would like to be. Some examples can be favorite positive business quotes or positive messages of business entrepreneurs who once started just like you.

#3 Purchase a notebook! Write all of your ideas down section by section. Do research on each idea. Check up prices on how much things would cost if you were to go with this idea or that idea. For example, if you are planning to sell lip gloss or sweaters search up prices of containers, packaging, or ingredients the product would require in order to give yourself a rough idea or estimate of costs. Jot down information such as if your business idea is in both high or low demand. Jot down competitive prices of other sellers.

#4 Vital Tip!! Once you know what you want to do and have come up with a name for your business or businesses make sure to create your online platforms even if you’re no where ready to start or sell. I can’t stress enough how devastating it is when your business email or social media business name is taken from someone that last posted four years ago! So please once you know your name create and save regardless if you are ready to use it.

#5Do not give up! If you are like me and become discouraged when jotting down ideas and finding it impossible to bring it to life remember that with enough passion, devotion and perseverance anything is possible! If you have to buy inventory section by section that is okay you are not Walmart you are a small business entrepreneur so you work with what you’ve got. Not to mention I have found pre order to work a lot better for me as you save yourself a lot of wasted time and product.

Will most likely be doing a part two on social media management and promotions. Stay tuned. Best of Luck on your new Journey to success as a business entrepreneur!

Spanish Hot Chocolate During Quarantine

spanish hot chocolate during quarantine

This post will give you super easy quick steps to a spanish hot chocolate during quarantine.

I hope everyone is staying safe during these times.

There’s so much going on internationally where all we have is more than time to make the best out of these moments alongside our loved ones.

I challenge you to do something as simple as this together with your loved one try and even record the steps and I promise something so simple can create such a joyful memory and put you in the best spirits!

spanish hot chocolate during quarantine.hjhjh

(Super easy)

1.) Milk (you can use soy, almond, rice etc whatever you prefer) 6 oz per serving

2.) Nestle Rich Milk Chocolate Cocoa Mix ( Or Bar of Chocolate “Cortes”) 2 Tbsp per serving

3.) Grader (or you can simply cut cheese into cubes and place it in your drink or just dip your cheese!) your preference.

4.) Sharp Cheddar (yes, cheese!) once chocolate has dissolved grade cheese right over top to achieve the perfect sweet and salty combination.

spanish hot chocolate during quarantine.hjjddu

spanish hot chocolate during quarantine.hjd


Allow cheese to melt as you stir, serve and it’s ready to drink!! (Clearly I could not wait for it to melt) 

Hope you guys enjoy this Spanish hot chocolate during quarantine, stay safe!

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Decision Making

choices decision doors doorway
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Decision making can be both easy or dreadful depending on just what situation you find yourself in. If you’re at a place in your life like me you’re more than likely to be able to relate. For one, adulting can be hard especially if you’ve always had to make choices for yourself so early up in your young years. “To stay or not to stay”, “To go or not to go”, “To move on or not to” etc. Just many decisions that you think you cannot fully decide on your own. Or decisions that can make or break you and define your future, your path, or your story. At times I wonder what will become of me if I choose this path or that path, and I just find myself lost in my thoughts for hours. I can truly over think sometimes which can be helpful some days and horrific on others. When it comes to a decision that can drastically change your life or future forever always try and get advice by those that are well seasoned in life. If they have came across similar hurdles as you talking to them will make it even better. So many times we have found our selves wandering, making decisions that may not have been the best for us causing painful outcomes and delays in our lives all at the same time. But if we just take a moment to breathe and remember that there is a God waiting for us to ask for His help and guidance we’d immediately feel the instant freedom from such burdening feelings and choices. Focus, meditate and trust that God knows and wants what is best for you and if you believe, He will be sure to lead you.

Letting Pain Define Your Choices

relax old rest book
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Do you ever find yourself letting pain define your choices? I do. As I’m approaching 24 I have realized how much I have changed. Pain is something we feel, experience, avoid and most importantly grow from. Its interesting to see how much one can grow in just as little as 10 months. Physical or spiritual wounds can be something that help us over come, achieve, and make us stronger. But what of those with the opposite effects, what of those who are hurt and want to hurt, what of those who are scarred and want to scar. For a long period of my life I defeated evil with kindness, I trusted, I injected love and kindness naturally to those around me continuously every moment that I could. But slowly things changed, at a point in my life I felt as if my heart hurt to beat. I questioned my purpose in life my path, my walk. The innocence, the kindness I once breathe was exhaling from me. As much as I had shielded my heart and mind with the instant ability to love and forgive pain found its way in. How much pain could one endure before they’d break? Do people really care or are they just looking out for their best interest? All questions defined by pain. For months I was circled and cornered by anger and hurt. I was spiritually wounded and bleeding alone with no way to heal, enough time for anger to cripplingly sow my wounds causing my life and views to drastically change. My choices were no longer my owns but my wounds. My decisions were no longer my owns but my pains. My goals my plans my dreams it had all changed. My mind clouded of the negative that could happen instead of the good that could. For months I indulged in everything I never allowed myself to be spiteful, rude, short tempered, angry, bitter and much more. What I learned from those deadly fruits is that there would never be a light in the end but only a door to darkness. Today I am still evolving and healing. What I’ve concluded is that pain may just be a moment of strength disguised as weakness to devour us from our true path. Do not allow your wounds dictate the path God has perfectly paved for you but only let them make you stronger. And never feel the need to defeat wrong with wrong, always remember to place your worries and pain in the Lord’s hands.

Romans 12:19

Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

Psalm 147:3

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Isaiah 41:10

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Ephesians 4:32

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.

5 Beauty School Tips

5 beauty school tips

This blog post list 5 beauty school tips for beginners. The picture above is practice polishing from my first week of beauty school. I am a newbie myself so if you just joined the beauty field welcome to the team! Hope you find these school tips helpful.

  1. Be sure that your heart is in this field. One of the main goals of this career is to be able to put a smile on your customer’s face which can all be accomplished through hardwork, dedication, and love for your job. Understand that in this field your job is to serve and pamper others. Though this field may sound very serving and hands on it will be an extremely rewarding experience.
  2. Be prepared to find yourself practicing for hours. Many times I find myself practicing until the sun sets without even realizing how much time has passed. It really has to do with how much you love and enjoy this field. Be ready to get lost practicing for long periods of time.
  3. It’s okay to be imperfect. After all this is why you are attending beauty school in the first place, to learn! If you enter beauty school with a perfectionist mindset then you’re in for a headache. You have to accept that it is okay to fail in first try attempts most especially because it allows you to realize what not to do in second attempts. Meaning through your failures you can learn how to work smarter and not harder!
  4. Don’t give up! things will not come together from just a day or even a week of learning. Practice is key. Be patient!
  5. Above all have fun. Beauty school is the perfect place for you to get a chance to express yourself artistically and creatively. As well as being inspired by others that share the same passion and interest as you.

My Go To Winter Look


This eyeshadow palette and lipstick has definitely  been one of my go to winter looks so I thought why not share this quick and easy combo. This look can be used as an every day look or can easily be turned into a night time look by just adding a touch of the shade fudge to the corner of your eyes. For my day time look I simply use the first shadow from the second row called “salted caramel” which is one of my absolute favorite transition shades. And last but not least my latest lip combo has been NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade “Berlin”. I seriously am in love with this quick and easy eye/lip combination. The Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette is priced at $49.00 and the Nyx soft matte lip cream in the shade “Berlin” is priced at $6.49. Hope you enjoy this this make up combo as much as I do. ❤


Christmas Décor Ideas On A Budget

christmas decor ideas on a budget

This blog list Christmas décor ideas on a budget. Most of the ideas consist of easy and simple DIY’s and some great dollar store steals when on a budget. These ideas are for those that love Christmas just as heavily as I do. My style of Christmas decorating is almost as if there is a Christmas party waiting to happen. So if you’re into a more sleek, modern, black and white type of Christmas this post might not be for you but if your style is a little more festive welcome to my blog. Hope you enjoy these super easy tips!

  1. First up wrapping paper! A must for a on a budget décor. Regardless if it is your entire home or a specific area that you’d like to decorate, my first tip would be to wrap your wall art or frames with wrapping paper of your liking. Another tip is to wrap any empty boxes you may have around the house that are not being used and place them up high like on top of your china cabinet if you own one or stack two or three in the corner of a hallway or living room. You’ll immediately feel the Christmas spirit flowing in most especially if you try the jumbo present decor!
  2. Make your own bows! Instead of spending 10 dollars buying 10 individual bows buy ribbon to your liking and start creating! If you’re worried about not knowing check out YouTube for tons of bow tutorials. To be honest I do not know how to make bows but being on a budget sure helped me learn a few things.
  3. Don’t have a fireplace to hang your stockings on? No worries! Your flat screen TV can be the perfect replacement. Just look up a nice Christmas playlist that plays over a beautiful toasty image of a burning fire which you can find on YouTube while hanging your stockings right above and you’re good to go!
  4. Dollar stores! I cannot stress enough how Dollar Tree has cut my budget down incredibly. I recommend shopping there for things that are lengthy for example string (but only if you want to finish off your frames with a nice bow made out of a rustic jute twine string), garlands or any other décor that comes nine to fifteen feet long or in packs that way you’re getting more for your money.
  5. Tree skirts! I’m sure you all know how expensive they can be costing up to $30 dollars but not mine! I got a steal costing me only a dollar. As well as (Stockings, 15 feet garlands, string, wrapping paper, Santa hat seat covers, flannel table covers, ribbons, tree toppers) and more all for just a dollar! All thanks to Dollar Tree.
  6. Another great place for some steals is Thrift shops especially Good Will. This place is great for knick knacks helping you fill up any empty coffee tables or counter tops. You can also find lots of Christmas and holiday mugs or dishware which is great for those that like holiday change in the kitchen as well.

Down below are pictures showing some of my DIY decor for the walls with wrapping paper & jute twine as well as dollar store steals, knick knacks and Christmas tins I have found in thrift shops. The Christmas tins can both be great for simply just decor or for storing baked goods.

christmas decor ideas on a budget.jpgf      christmas decor ideas on a budget    christmas decor ideas on a budget      christmas decor ideas on a budget.jpgss      christmas decor ideas on a budget.jpgssschristmas decor ideas on a budget.jpgs

Never Too Early For Some Holiday Christmas Spirit

never too late for some holiday christmas spirit


It’s never too early for some holiday Christmas spirit. I don’t know about you but I love the holidays most especially Christmas. A lot of people have this idea that certain things like decor or putting up the Christmas tree need to be done at a certain timing but the reality is that there is no rules. You put your lights up as early as you want. Not everyone sees Christmas as special as it may be to you. For some people it is just about gifts and for others it is just convenient that they will be able to have time off from work. As for me it literally is one of the best times of the year. I genuinely enjoy blasting a nice-classic Christmas playlist while putting decor up as well as baking all types of yummy Christmas goodies. It makes me even happier that the family will be coming together during this very special time. To me it is all about creating memories and making the atmosphere feel inviting, warming, festive and loving. So if you’re like me and you genuinely enjoy Christmas, love having the family come together and being thankful for all of your blessings then do not feel like it’s ever too early to be festive. Everyone will always have a different opinion or out look on this holiday and that is okay, but what is most important is that YOU do not hold back on your experience because of the way others choose to celebrate it. Enjoy your holidays, get to decorating, and let this Christmas be a holly jolly one!

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Recognizing And Choosing To Face Your Demons

recognizing and facing your demons

We struggle with many demons each and everyday. Sometimes we’re in so deep we can barely recognize what they are. For many it may be drugs, alcohol or even lies you hide deep within your heart but for me its a plethora of mental and emotional battles. I live each day on the edge and not in a good way some days it is fear that attacks me and some days it may be depression and if it’s not that it is my constant social anxiety that seems to be one of the worst. If you fall into one of these categories know that you are not alone. For the longest I have always considered myself weird and excluded from the norm but now that I am older and have recognized my demons I realize that I am just different. Growing up I was called a really bad worrier or “extra” as they say these days for the constant worrying I did after every minor issue that would occur in my life. I would take minor problems that may have occurred in school at work or at home and compulsively think and relive them, sometimes even losing sleep or waking up to nightmares over them. It was just terrible and repetitive over the years as I got older. And to top that my life had certainly not been peaches and creams I had experienced some pretty dreadful events growing up, and if I made a big deal over “minor issues” imagine growing up with traumatic events surrounding you. I will not go into detail but what I will say is that anxiety, depression, BDD, fear, PTSD and more do exist. And if you take as long as I did to recognize what they are they will defeat you, as well as take over your daily walk, your daily decisions, and most especially your daily thoughts.

recognizing and facing your demons.jpgiu.jpgh

I did not come to realization as to why I was so damn different until my early twenties where I discovered what anxiety and PTSD was, which I had experienced three times in the past five years due to death in the family, car accidents, and other traumatic events. My reason for writing this? Well, I just wanted to show you that you are not alone and that there are others out there just like you. My only hope is to bring awareness to the battles we secretly and quietly go through, which we ourselves do not recognize at times. If you come across this post speak out and find help. Surround yourself with friends and family that are willing to be your number one supporters for being brave and choosing to face your demons.

recognizing and facing your demons.jpgiuFor anyone that has been a part of the meet ups or a member of this group website feel free to comment down below. I really am looking into it but cannot find reviews or videos of the meet ups. If you happen to have an idea of how the meet ups work you can direct message  me I would really appreciate it. I will be attending November 16, the event will be taking place in Orlando, Fl lead by organizer Kathleen. A follow up blog post will be coming up soon as to how the meet up went and if it was truly a helpful and positive environment! (: Thank you and have a great day!

5 TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy Shows On Netflix Worth Watching

This blog post list 5 TV sci-fi & fantasy shows on Netflix worth watching. I have literally binge-watched most of them during fall on the month of October or on my free time during the holidays. These are all great shows worth watching most especially the first three. When I  started with these shows I couldn’t get enough, I would always fast walk home from work to comfy up and  play another episode. Sad but true (: Enjoy and happy binge watching!

5 sci-fi fantasy shows worth watching

1.) Being Human

So you don’t even want to get me started on this tv series, it is a great show! I was introduced to it  about 3 years ago and binge-watched it in less than a week during the  holidays. It is a show about a vampire a wolf and a ghost and I will say no more. If you are into sci-fi & fantasy then this show is definitely for you!

once upon a time 5 scifi fantasy shows worth watching

2.) Once Upon A Time 

This show is hands down my favorite fantasy show. It literally revolves around every fairy tale story you’d ever wish for to come to life. It has every story starting from Belle down to even Pinocchio. I can’t stress enough how much I love it. Just trust me you will get hooked too especially if you are into imagination as much as I am. It is a great show and definitely binge worthy for the holidays!

the vampire diaries 5 sci-fi fantasy shows on netflix worth watching

3.) The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries completely caught me of guard I was so late to jumping on the bandwagon which I regret not have doing so sooner. When twilight came out I was such a fanatic that I never gave any other vampire show or movie a chance I use to tell myself “there’s nothing like twilight, and that every other vampire show/movie out there was a twilight copy cat or wanna be” so the interest into anything else was never there. But let me tell you I was so wrong! The concept with the whole love triangle may be a little similar, but man is there so much more detail and story lines in this show not to mention how great the actors play and personalize their characters. It really is worth binge watching!

witches of east end 5 si-fi fantasy shows on netflix worth watching

4.) Witches of East End

This one seriously crept up on me I had never heard of it nor had I seen it while scrolling on netflix until last fall. I am not really into witch shows I am more of a vampire and wolf type of gal but the fact that the show had Channing Tatums wife (Jenna Dewan) I had to give it a chance and it was well worth it. What I most liked about the show was the fact that most of the leading actors were ladies which all did pretty amazing with their characters. Worth watching especially for this month of October!

bitten 5 sci-fi fantasy shows on netflix worth watching

5.) Bitten

This last show is a little more grittier and a lot more towards an older audience with less of a “young love” teen vibe. Which is pretty cool to see a show with a different age range rather than characters playing 17 year old’s. So if you are not into the whole late teens early twenties type of vibe and more into a grittier type of feel then this show is definitely for you. Some scenes literally had me dying with laughter in the way they chose some of the characters plot lines. Besides that even though I did not have a chance to finish the last season it was a great show!